Stop Stressing!

Your Fix is Ready

Stress. We all deal with it on a daily basis. Sometimes it feels manageable and sometimes overwhelming. Most of us don’t even care about what stress really means, but we all want one thing - to overcome it.


Forget about all that corporate office advice and online techniques, we’re here to give what you really need and show you how it works! We will help you find Your Own Way in breaking those heavy chains of stress!


In this workshop, you will learn how to restructure your mind in a way that will allow you to better manage and cope with stress, regulate your emotions, and improve your overall well being. We will guide you into shifting the way you perceive challenges and help you develop skills that will allow you to enhance your emotional intelligence, compassion, and ability to cope with fear and anxiety.


Date: Saturday, March 30th

Time: 10 am - 5 pm

Price: EGP 750 Package

Price (all 3 workshops): EGP 1,500

Venue: Aziziya Method of registration Call us on: +20 101 116 0717

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